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Experienced piercing with sterile equipment.

Earlobes are the most suitable for piercing, but almost any part of the body can be pierced. In today's society, other popular areas of the body to be pierced are:

- Nose

- Eyebrows

- Navel

- Cheeks

- Nipples

- Lips

- Tongue

Piercing jewellery is usually polished surgical steel that contains nickel. Piercing jewellery is also available in titanium or 18-carat gold.

A new piercing should be kept clean. It should be washed with antibacterial soap both morning and night. Until the wound has healed, the piercing jewellery should be rotated to keep the wound open and prevent flesh from healing around it. Once healed, the wound should still be cleaned regularly.

Amazing Ink has a wide selection of piercing jewellery to choose from.



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